Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For
Exceptional Blood Loss (anemia)

Summary of condition

Exceptional blood loss (anemia) occurs when red blood cells are compromised and cannot deliver enough oxygen to the body’s tissues, which could lead to the death of those tissue. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, the protein responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to all other parts of the body. If the body does not contain enough red blood cells, it does not contain enough hemoglobin.

Exceptional blood loss anemia can be caused by conditions that are present at birth or develop overtime. There are certain factors that increase the risk of anemia developing such as:

  • Family history
  • Age
  • Blood loss (conditions that cause excessive bleeding)
  • Health conditions (Kidney disease, Autoimmune disease, cancer)
  • Diet (A lack of iron, vitamin B12, and/or folic acid. Consuming too much alcohol)

Exceptional blood loss can also cause:

  • Mental Confusion
  • Abnormal EKG readings
  • Physically weak
  • Abdominal pain
  • Difficulty digesting food
  • Paleness
  • Slowed thought

Conventional Treatments

Many people that have anemia receive transfusions, which can provide the necessary blood, or its components needed to ensure the person can remain healthy and the body can function properly.


How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Help

There are situations where a blood transfusion is not a viable option. Medical and/or religious reasons could restrict a person from accepting a transfusion. In this case, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can be a viable substitute for transfusions. With HBOT, proper oxygen levels can be restored for a limited period of time, which could allow for underlying symptoms that cause anemia to be treated


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