Some Frequently Asked Questions about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

When looking at Hyperbaric oxygen therapy there are many questions people have about what it is exactly as well as the benefits of using Hyperbaric chambers for therapy. The first thing everyone wants to know is what Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is. They will also want to know what does this type of therapy treat. Then, they are interested in the benefits of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

Many people think of an iron lung or other such thing when they hear Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or Hyperbaric chamber. This may have been the case years ago, however, now many medical professionals are finding other benefits of using Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. When you undergo HBOT your body’s natural healing process is enhanced by inhaling 100% oxygen. This is a simple noninvasive process that provides painless treatment for many medical conditions as well as other health benefits.

Conditions That Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help

There are several conditions that medical professionals have found that having Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has greatly improved the condition of their patients. This therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with medications to help their patients improve their quality of life.

Certain conditions, such as thermal burns, osteomyelitis (refractory), skin grafts, necrotizing soft tissue infection, osteoradionecrosis and radiation tissue damage, air or gas embolism, diabetic and selected wounds, exceptional blood loss (anemia), gas gangrene, decompression sickness (bends), intracranial abscess, and other such medical conditions can be treated with HBOT. Patients also benefit from HBOT treatment for migraines, stroke recovery, autism, cerebral palsy, post-operative plastic surgery care, and survival after near drowning.

It is worth noting, some of these treatments might be covered by OHIP or your private insurance company. However, it is recommended to contact your provider prior to commencing treatment to verify coverage. Additionally, for non-covered treatments, a viable option is medical financing through companies like Medicard and Crelogix.

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

One of the main benefits of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that it is noninvasive. This, along with the benefits of getting healing oxygen to parts of the body that are otherwise unable to get the right amount of oxygen to. In many cases, such as a stroke, non-healing wounds, and circulatory problems the oxygen therapy helps the patent greatly. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Mississauga has been proven to improve the quality of life of patients when traditional medical procedures prove inadequate. Along with this, patients find the oxygen therapy to be less stressful for them and their families.

Before you consider Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for your condition you will want to consult with your medical professional. After you have done this we here at Under Pressure Inc. would be happy to assist you in your medical needs. Please contact us at 905-274-2032 and our staff will help you schedule your HBOT session today. We are also pleased to offer therapeutic massage therapy, personalized to fit your needs!

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