Highly Recommend

I am grateful for the care I have received at Under Pressure over the last several years. Kind and accommodating staff, attentive doctors, and professional and high quality care. I highly recommend them.

- I.D.

Very Professional

My gratitude for the care you afforded me during my treatment at Under Pressure Inc. Everyone was accommodating, attentive and most important, very professional. Thank you all.

- L.R.

On CTV News

Back in March 2009 me and Lara we’re inside the chamber together watching Spider Man 2 it was a good movie and not only that we were also on CTV news too.

- Q.L.

An Incredible Bonus

Without hyperbaric oxygen I almost certainly would have lost my hand so thank you Under Pressure! The clinic is fantastic and the staff are all so lovely and accommodating. An incredible bonus is that the clinic is located right on the lake, a beautiful scene for after your appointment. I highly recommend Under Pressure hyperbaric!

- S.V.

Very Friendly Staff

Awesome place. Very friendly staff. They helped my wounds started to heal a lot faster. Thanks under pressure you saved me from having another surgery.

- D.B.

Staff Were Caring and Attentive

My father received 8-weeks of treatment at this wonderful facility. All staff were caring and attentive to not only my dad, but my mum who accompanied him. Just an amazing health care team at this clinic. I will be forever grateful to them.

- M.B.

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